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Property Management

The  Property Management Business Line  has worked  on all aspects of property management, integrating them with advanced IT systems. In order to give to the property or the asset manager the tools to make the best strategic choices.

We are dedicated to professionally manage our clients’ properties, including maintenance and financial and administrative aspect. We work to maximise profitability and increase the value and functionality of buildings, all the while regularly monitoring costs.

Services we Provide

We guarantee an active and dynamic management of buildings, through a wide range of services aimed at the enhancement of properties.

Property Management

Technical and administrative activities for property management, actions to enhance and maximise profitability (rental fees).

Administrative Management

Management of leases, tenants and managers relations, cash-flow management and profitability analysis, operating budget and regulatory compliance,

Technical Management

Structural, systems, energetic and maintenance audits, design and implementation of maintenance plans, exceptional maintenance and prompt intervention activities

Tenant Representative

We support tenants in the research, negotiations, management of the relation with the property and in the analysis of costs of occupation. We protect the tenant’s interests throughout the lease.

Lease Management

Collection, management and monitoring of data related to the lease. We offer immediate access to the information, renegotiation of conditions and interest rates.

Site Compliance

Identification of relevant regulations and potential sanctions, continuous and updated monitoring of site compliance.

Project Management

Supervision of works and watchdog for exceptional requalification intervention, maintenance and/or property development.

Space Planning

Planning and implementation of a project to fill office space, management of the identified efficiency, updating of the level of both human resources and materials occupation of the building.

Due Diligence

Detailed analysis of buildings and properties, identification of regulations they must comply with and of potential criticalities.

Dismantlement Support

Regularisation, marketing and communication activities, assistance to management of relations with tenants/buyers, physical and digital data room management.


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