Juts buy a property and you need to restore it or give it a new Make Up?
we like to think that we have known how to satisfy You
We work with several architects of varying styles and have access to a wide range of craftsmen and professionals with a wealth of experience in such projects.
Our services include the supervision of restoration projects including license with local authority. We keep a tight control on relationships with contractors and suppliers and are
very good at providing regular progress and financial reports to the client.

Sound Condition and the Right Renovations

If you’ve ever done a home renovation project, you know some nasty surprises can be lurking just below the surface. And nasty surprises like black mold or a cracked foundation can ruin you financially.
Look for structurally sound homes, especially if you’re considering buying an older home. You may not have the opportunity to have a home inspected, especially if you buy it at a real estate auction. So you need to learn what to look for or bring someone knowledgeable about building, electric, and plumbing to look at the home with you and determine if it’s a good buy.
Focus on homes that only need some quick updates to resell. Refinishing kitchen cabinets, adding new hardware, fixing up the yard, and updating paint and carpeting are all relatively inexpensive projects that can transform a home.
What should you avoid? A house that has mold, needs a roof replacement, or needs rewiring will require some serious time and cash to update and sell. Make sure you know which updates and repairs you can afford to make, which repairs you can’t afford, and which home improvements will increase the selling price of the house. Bear in mind that some home improvement projects can decrease resale value.


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